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A directory lisitng of some of the webs best dating sites.
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Alternative Dating sites for the more adventurous daters!
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Welcome to Dating News!
Featured Book: Dating
Make Every Girl Want You: How to Have...
Wouldn’t you rather have hot female friends who want you, have casual sex with you, and are excited to introduce you to their female friends? This book is your complete guide to meeting girls, becoming better friends with them, having casual sex with them, and remaining their booty call for life!

Books and Stuff
A beautiful woman glances at you, then looks away and doesn't notice you for the rest of the night. What did you do wrong? I'm about to tell you... and we'll fix it so it doesn't happen again. Written by Tom Johnes from germany and much more. Click here for more...
Some people think that if you are shy, you'll never have as many dates as you want...that you'll always have to settle for what comes along. Nothing could be further from the truth, say Eric Weber and Judi Miller, the authors of this best-selling book. Click here for more...
Guys, yes, you can overcome your shyness no matter how severe. In Don’t Be Afraid to Dance: The Shy Man’s Guide to Dating and Sex, Brock takes a painfully sincere, often humorous look at his own shyness to help analyze the dating dilemma of the shy man. His message is straightforward: If you are spending too many nights alone, follow the process of self-discovery in this book to improve your encounters with the opposite sex.  Click here for more...
Not only does this album have great songs it also includes a CD rom of the band dating their fans. It is so funny you wish it was on video. I love this band and i hope now that they are on Kung Fu Records more people will be able to get this album. You don't think The Vandals are the best band out there? Step outside buddy!
Dr. John Gray, Ph.D., author of the bestselling Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, demystifies the evocative and often puzzling world of dating in No-Brainers on Dating. Learn about the five stages of dating: attraction, uncertainty, exclusivity, intimacy, and engagement; what they mean and how to recognize them. Perfect for those looking for their soul mate, or just for a compatible friend. Running time: 45 min.
This fast paced, award winning video is for those who are divorced, or lose someone, and re-entering the dating market.  View this video and in a little over an hour you can learn 6 successful dating strategies, 30 dating do's and don'ts, organizing your dating search, the way to sort through those you meet for suitability, and much more.

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