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Lauren from DatingNews was a member of this excellent dating site! It is not as polished as some..but the ads and content are excellent!
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By Jennifer Klein, President Dateable.com

Every woman has a different set of dating rules for the first date. Who should drive? How long do you wait to kiss? And, of course, how far should I let him go on the first date? In a recent on-line survey, Dateable.com, an Internet-based romance community, asked women a series of questions on dating and what it takes for men to "get lucky".

First, Dateable.com asked: How long does it take for you to get comfortable enough to have your first kiss? About 50% answered within the first 2 dates [actual statistic: 47.5%]. What happened to the remaining respondents? They say that it "depends on the person."

What's it take for women to go further?

A full 28% say they are willing to "sleep with a man on the first date" and 41% say they are willing to go all the way the second time around. The remaining 30% say they would wait at least "a couple of months" before they slept with a man.

How do women decide who'll get lucky on the first date? Learn a few jokes. Surprisingly, sense of humor ranked as the number one determinant in getting lucky within the first few dates (38%). Financial success ranked second (26%). And, physical came in third position (20%). A variety of other answers from "scent of a person, cleanliness and good breath" came in at 16%. For more news from germany click here


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